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Cameron 8 arrived in capital Seoul

July 19, 2011

Cameron 8 arrived in capital Seoul, South Korea’s military joint staff with headquarters HanMin for talks, the speaker consultations by South Korea’s military leadership, perfect U.S. support for response plan. Both sides issued a joint statement said, in order to improve the han mei joint coping ability, the two countries will continue to hold joint war games. Deferred ping island bombardment incident, South Korea strengthening its “xihai five island” defense capabilities, deploy more radar, precision-guided weapons etc., and adjust operational guidelines. South Korean defense minister JinKuan town 7 issued instructions, allow commanders “first dozen at all levels of the newspaper after”.

Japan’s defense minister north ze Mac Blush Brushes comeliness 9 held talks with Cameron, both sides said to strengthen the japan-american south Korean defense cooperation, and the cooperation of ascending to strategic level.

According to the Japanese media reports, the mourne in north ze handsome, said that if north Korea future talks make new provocation, beauty japan-korea three common countermeasure is very important. North ze was beautiful, she is being held in the japan-us joint military exercise said, this is abroad to display the japan-american alliance the effectiveness of the opportunity. Meanwhile, Cameron and north ze comeliness agreed that is necessary to avoid things tensions and countermeasure.

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